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  • specifications
  • Size 1.60 m
  • Resolution Up to 720 DPI
  • Colors: Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, Black, yellow, 8 colors, 6 heads, water base
  • Materials: Stickers, transparent stickers, Roll-p Paper, Photo paper, duratrans.

hp 5500


For the indoor section, HP design jet 5500 the 720 dpi color printing sets new standards when it comes to media selection. HP has carefully tested and selected a range of media and developed to take up ink in shorted time and capable of taking more ink than other printed media, if desired.


The available media types:
•   Coated paper
•   Instant Dry Glossy
•   Billboard Paper
•   Backlight Film
•   Proofing Paper Matte
•   Glossy Vinyl Stickers
•   With a resolution of 1440 dpi max, media print width is 1.55 m.


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