Outdoor Digital Printing


Gain the advantage over your competition with our large format outdoor digital printing services – the most powerful tool to attract consumers’ attention. To dominate this marketplace, you need to communicate your message through unique, high-impact visual messages on a variety of large format mediums.

Whether above a busy street or crowded square, outdoor digital printing puts the spotlight on your marketing campaign to promote everything from events and venues to product launches and brand exposure. Mars can help you reach your target audience with its wide variety of durable outdoor digital printing media.

  • Unipole billboards: Offering long-distance visibility in high-traffic areas, your message can be viewed thousands of time per day by potential consumers.
  • Vehicle wrapping: Build brand awareness on every trip you make by turning your car, truck, van or your entire fleet into a mobile method of advertising.
  • Lamp post signs: An effective, easy to implement and effective form of outdoor advertising, lamp post signs are an ideal way to spread your campaign in areas with zoning restrictions.
  • One way vision: Turn your window or shop frontage into a billboard. They’re a great way to advertise on shop fronts whilst maintaining visibility and light.
  • Construction signs: Whether you require short term longer term building site barriers – let them see what you’re offering with site signage.
  • Backlit signs: Backlights are a great option for upgrading existing traditional billboards in premium locations or new signage in high-traffic areas with zoning restrictions.


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