Building Wrapping

A building wrapping, also known as window graphics or see-through branding  is another outdoor large format digital printing option offered by MARS digital printing.

Made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with up to 50% of the film microperforated to achieve the desired image resolution and one-way visibility, building wrapping  is an innovative media space without obstructing the view. It also creates new business and advertising opportunities that are not available with conventional opaque signage.

A building wrapping is larger than a billboard and; therefore, more visible to the public. Its positioning and size, combined with vibrant eye-catching colors, makes it is the perfect outdoor medium to advertise a brand or product.

The benefits of using a building Wrapping are impossible to ignore. Unlike other advertising mediums, a building Wrapping can’t be turned off or tuned out by the public. Its size makes it visible to not only existing or potential future customers on nearby streets, but people traveling in cars, trains and aircraft.

To make the most of prime advertising space, use a building wrapping in your next advertising campaign.


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